What is coaching?

Working with a coach provides an opportunity for you to tackle a challenge that you are facing in your personal or work life. 
As a coach I will not provide you with answers -- I will help you find them.  Through a series of conversations and exercises I will help you find new ways to look at and understand the challenges you are facing.  When you see things in a different light, it expands the possibilities you see for new directions.  At its core, coaching is about finding a way to move forward from a position of feeling stuck.  In our conversations we will take a broad perspective on the challenges you face, looking at the language you use, both with others and withyourself, your physical presence, and your emotions. 
The desired outcomes vary from client to client, given individual goals and concerns.  Possible outcomes for you as a coachee include a better understanding of your impact on others; movement towards achieveing your goals; stronger relationships; greater well-being, and personal satisfaction, just to name a few.   
I offer coaching either in person in the Ottawa region, or by phone.  Given the power that coaching can have for a person, I am committed to making coaching accessible to a wide range of people.